Managed Security Services for Small Business

Cost-Effective Expertise for Onsite and Cloud Cybersecurity

Almost half of cyberattacks target small businesses.

Does your business hold sensitive data? How secure is it? Do you need managed security services for your small business?

According to a survey by Oracle and KPMG:

  • 90% of companies say that 50% or more of the data they hold in the cloud is sensitive

  • 38% face challenges detecting and reacting to threats

  • 82% of companies report that they are concerned their employees violate security policies

Hiring an inhouse security services team is cost-prohibitive

An attack on your data could be devastating to your business. You need a team to protect your systems from attack, and to ensure your employees remain vigilant. But hiring an inhouse team that includes a cybersecurity analyst, cybersecurity engineer, cybersecurity developer, and compliance manager is expensive. And that cost just isn’t viable – you’re investing in growing your business.

Managed security services are the answer to cloud security for small businesses

We have developed managed security services specifically for small businesses. You get expertise and experience on your side, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an inhouse team.

We work with you to first assess your needs, develop a security strategy, and then put in place the comprehensive services you require to protect your data and your business – onsite and in the cloud. We can monitor your system for threats, defend your data and network, and provide cybersecurity training to your employees.

Our security solutions as a managed security service provider include:

Where should you start?

As your MSSP, we will first conduct a comprehensive audit of your current security capabilities and risks. You’ll receive a cybersecurity assessment, together with our recommendations for your cybersecurity strategy.

Our strategic services include automated, 24/7 monitoring, streamlining threat detection, and improving efficiency of your cybersecurity practices, as well as reducing cost.

  • Do you want (or need) to protect your network and sensitive data?

  • Is the cost of building an inhouse cybersecurity team restrictive?

If the answer to these two questions is ‘yes’, don’t wait to invest in a cybersecurity strategy. Contact Millennium Tech USA today to learn why our managed security service for small businesses is an investment that starts paying dividends from day one.